The Daisy and the Lark

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Once there was a little daisy that grew outside a garden. The proud flowers of the garden looked down upon the daisy as nobody could see her there. But the daisy was very happy bathing in the sun.

One day, a lark came and sat on a tree. The peonies, who were very large, and the tulips, who were brightly coloured, thought that the lark would sing to them. But the lark liked the daisy’s golden centre and her silver white petals. So he came down to where the daisy was and sang sweetly to her. The other flowers of the garden started envying the little daisy.

The next day, the daisy heard the song of the lark, but this time it was a sad song. Some naughty boys had caught the lark and put him in a cage. She wished that she could help the lark but what could a little flower do.

Meanwhile, the boys came and began pulling the grass around her, they said, “This grass would be good for the lark.” They took a little piece of earth with the grass and the daisy on it and put it in the cage.

The daisy was happy to be with the lark who was weeping bitterly, “They have given me a little grass in exchange of the whole world,” he complained. The daisy tried to console the lark but the lark just wept and wept.

Soon, the daisy was thirsty and told the lark, “They have left without giving me water.”

The night passed and in the morning when the boys came to see the lark, they saw that it was dead while the daisy had withered.

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