The Cunning Rat

Jim was a cunning rat. One day, when he was just about to come out of his hole, he saw a cat waiting outside, ready to attack him. “If I go out now she will surely eat me up,” thought Jim. He went back inside his hole and joined the other rats inside. There, he asked another rat, “Friend, why don’t you come out with me to the cornfields? It would be nice to have your company.” The second rat was simple and did not suspect anything. He agreed to accompany him. ‘Yes. I would love to go with you. I’ve heard the field is full of goodies,” he said. Then Jim said, “You are my guest. You must go first.” So off they went, merrily hopping along. As soon as the other rat jumped out of the hole, the cat grabbed it and made a meal of it. Cunning Jim quickly raced past the cat without being noticed.

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