The Crystal Castle

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A prince and princess were in love and about to marry. A wicked magician imprisoned the princess in a crystal castle. “No one can climb up the slippery wall!” declared the magician. “Whoever tries will slip and fall to death.”

Heartbroken the prince wandered in the forest. One day. he saved the lives of three fairies. “like these gifts prince. They may help you in future,” said the grateful fairies. The first gift was a cloak with which he could become invisible; the second was a flying horse. while the third was a magic wand that could open any door.

The prince wore the cloak and became invisible. He then sat oil the flying horse and crossed the high walls to reach the castle. Using the magic wand, he opened the door of the room in which the princess was imprisoned. He set her free and brought her back. They got married and all the fairies were invited to the wedding.

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