The Crows and the Serpent

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Once a crow couple built their nest on a tree. But as luck would have it, there lived a serpent in a hole at the bottom of the same tree. When the crows were away, the serpent used to climb up the tree and eat the eggs. When the crows realised what was happening, they didn’t know what to do to punish the serpent.

One day, the crows went to their friend, a jackal to ask him to help them get rid of the serpent. The jackal was very clever and made a plan. He asked the father crow to go to the king’s palace and steal the queen’s necklace.

The crow went to the palace and picked up the queen’s necklace while she was bathing. Then he flew back and dropped the necklace in the serpent’s hole. When the queen discovered that her necklace was missing, the king sent his guards to look for it. The guards found it in the serpent’s hole and killed it. The crows were very happy and lived happily ever after.

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