The Crow Which Hated the Mouse

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A crow lived in a tree. It had built its nest on this tree on which there were plenty of fruits and a lot of greenery all around. The crow had everything needed for leading a good life. It had only one problem β€” it was very jealous.

One day, a mouse arrived and selected this tree for building its burrow. When the crow came to know about the mouse living in the same tree, it thought, “This is my tree. How has this mouse come to build its burrow here? I don’t like it. The mouse must leave this place at once.”

The next day, the crow advised the mouse to leave its tree, but the mouse refused to oblige. The crow, then, threatened the mouse, but the mouse still declined to leave the place. The mouse said, “You are living peacefully high up on the tree, where as my house is in the trunk of the tree. I don’t come in your way. So what is your problem?

The crow shouted with jealousy, I don’t like it! This is my place. You must leave immediately” The mouse, however, decided to stay put.

Days passed. An idea struck the crow. The crow collected the dry grass and twigs, placed it around the mouse’s burrow, and set the pile ablaze. Soon, unable to bear the heat, the mouse ran out. When the mouse saw that its house was on fire, it left the place, cursing the crow.

Enjoying its sadistic pleasure the crow followed the mouse for some distance gloating, “Good! Now, don’t ever come back.”

After some time, the crow decided to return to its nest. But, when it reached its nest, it got the shock of its life upon seeing that its nest was also on fire. Indeed, the whole tree was engulfed in flames. The crow had lost its beautiful house.


Jealousy is Pike a rifle with a plugged barrel β€”the backfire does greater harm than the shot.

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