The Corn Plants

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Once upon a time there was a tribe on an island. A warrior of the tribe lived by the seashore. His job was to inform his people whenever enemies came to the island. Though the warrior caught fish he never had enough to eat.

One day, he came to a land that was red in colour. There he saw a little man who said, “I challenge you to wrestle with me. If you are able to throw me on the ground, you will never have any shortage of food.” The warrior agreed and threw him on the ground. As soon as the little man fell, he disappeared and a strange fruit appeared in his place. A voice came from inside the fruit, “Open my cover, scatter the seeds on the plains and come back in summer.” The warrior did as he was told.

When the warrior came back in summer, he found many corn plants growing in the same place. He plucked the corn, ground the seeds, and made bread. Now he had enough food.

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