The Conceited Apple Branch

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It was spring. The apple tree was fresh and blooming. Soon a branch was cut off for a countess and put in a shining vase on a windowsill for all to admire. The branch became proud of its beauty. It began to despise the herbs and dandelions and called them ugly. With each passing day, the branch became more and more vain

But the wise sunbeam, which visited the windowsill every day, taught the apple bough that all creations are alike and beautiful in the eyes of God. God loves everyone equally, just as the sunbeam spreads its light on all in equal measure. The bough saw how the dandelions gave pleasure to the children as they came in the fields and plucked them to make a wreath.

A little later, the countess came in holding something very carefully. She placed a small dandelion flower along with the apple branch and said, “Both the branch and this’ humble flower are beautiful in their own way.”

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