The Cold Snowman

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Peter peeped out of the window and exclaimed in delight, “Oh, it’s snowed last night!” He called all his friends. “Let’s build a snowman.” They gave the snowman a grand old hat and gloves. Soon, the children left. “Brrrr . . .” the snowman grew cold. Silly, the little Elf felt sorry. Suddenly, an idea struck him. “Bonfire!” he yelled. He took the snowman as close to the fire as he could. “It’s so nice he-e-ere . . . ” said the snowman his hat slipping to one side and his buttons popping. But he was so cozy he soon went off to sleep, as did little elf.

“Sizzle-sizzle” Hearing the sound, the elf jumped up to find the snowman gone. Only his hat, scarf and gloves remained. “Snowman, where are you?” he cried. He looked high and low. He hunted everywhere but of course did not find Snowman.

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