The Cold Planet

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Thousands of miles from Earth is the planet of Fliptune. Fliptune gets no sun, and is therefore always cold and dark. It is inhabited by creatures who resemble dinosaurs. These creatures use torches to see. One day, a young Fliptunese called Neila put the wrong batteries in his torch. Suddenly the torch lit up and its bright golden rays travelled through the universe and touched planet Earth. The light hit a boy named Bamby. Even before Bamby could understand what was happening, he got sucked into the light and went higher and higher and landed on Fliptune. Neila watched wild-eyed. He had never seen a human before. Bamby was equally surprised. “It’s so cold and dark here,” said Bamby. “We don’t get the sun,” lamented Neila “I can get the sun for you,” replied Bamby. He lit the torch once again and helped Bamby return to Earth. Bamby took out a huge mirror and reflected the sun’s rays towards Fliptune. Now Fliptune was never dark and cold again.

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