The Coachman's Painting

A coachman who served in the king’s palace was also a talented artist. His paintings looked real and alive. Once he painted a portrait of his sister. The painting was so beautiful and life like that he kept it in the royal stable. And whenever he felt sad and lonely. the coachman would talk to the painting. People thought that a woman visited him every night. When the king heard about this he decided to find out the truth for himself. One night. he visited the stable. When he saw the painting, the king fell in love with the beautiful woman. He asked the coachman who it was. He was charmed by the coachman’s sister’s beauty and married her amidst pomp and splendour. The coachman moved into the palace and they lived happily ever after.

3 thoughts on “The Coachman's Painting

  1. Beauty is human and human is beauty. Class-difference is made by few but many abandon it.Let’s on the point of beauty equity be the lesson to make all people of the world free.

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