The Clever Wife

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There lived a Woman whose Husband had a bad habit. The man would drink a lot every day. This caused him to lose his normal senses for most of the time.

The Woman tried many times to help him get out of this habit. But all her efforts went in vain!

Every night, someone else would have to bring him back home. One such night when he was brought home, the Woman had him carried to a grave in the neighbourhood. She thought she could teach him a good lesson by frightening him and then he would stop his bad habit.

Then she dressed herself in a dark-coloured dress. She wore a mask upon her face. She waited for him to wake up.

When the Woman saw her Husband returning to his senses, she moved towards him with a serious face. Then, she gave him some food to eat and spoke loudly, “Get up and eat, it is my job to bring food for the dead.”

The Husband was very scared. He ran home at once. From that day onwards, he gave up his bad habit.

We must leave our bad habits.

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