The Clever Thief

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One day, a Thief saw an Old Man counting his money. The Thief wished to snatch his money by making some excuse.

The Thief decided to fool the Old Man and take away his money.

“Why are you stealing fruit from my orchard?” the Thief shouted in anger at the Old Man.

“You must be mistaken,” said the Old Man. “I do not like fruits, so why should I steal from your orchard?”

“Oh stop it!” growled the Thief. Then he thought for a while and said, “Ah! Last year, you spoke bad things about me to your neighbour.”

“No! That cannot be true. I did not live in this house last year,” replied the Old Man.

“Well then, if it was not you, it certainly must have been your brother,” shouted the Thief.

“It cannot have been, for my brother died two years ago, answered the Old Man.

“Never mind, I know it was definitely an Old Man like you, I will not accept excuses anymore,” said the Thief. Then, he snatched the Old Man’s money and ran away with it.

Bad people will find any excuse to do bad things.

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