The Clever Shepherd

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Long, long ago there used to live a princess who never laughed. The king declared he would reward anyone who could make her laugh.

A shepherd had a ring that could make people sneeze. He took it to the king. The king put on the ring and started sneezing continuously. Looking at her father, the princess started laughing. The king was furious and took away the ring and imprisoned the shepherd.

One day, the shepherd escaped into the forest. There he saw a strange fig tree with black figs and white figs. When he ate the black figs, two horns grew on his head, which disappeared on eating the white figs. An idea struck the shepherd.

He disguised himself and gave the black figs to the king. As soon as the king ate the figs, two horns grew on his head. The king was frightened and begged for help. The shepherd gave him the white figs in return for his ring and his reward.

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