The Clever Hare and the Lion

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A lion who was the king of a jungle made a rule that every day one animal would be killed and its meat would be offered to him.

Accordingly, many animals had been sacrificed till one day it was the turn of a clever hare. He thought all night how he could save his life. Suddenly an idea struck him.

The next day, panting heavily, he reached the lion’s den. He found the lion impatiently waiting for his dinner.

“Oh King, I am sorry to be late. There is another lion in a well who is threatening to capture your territory,” huffed the hare. “Show me the villain! I will kill him!” roared the lion furiously.

The clever hare led him to a well filled with water. When the lion peered in, he saw his own reflection in the water. The foolish lion thought it to be the enemy and jumped into the well.

When the lion died the clever hare rejoiced and went back to tell all the animals that they had nothing to fear anymore.

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