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The Chinese New Year

Fee-Ying Liu is a little Chinese girl. On every New Year’s Eve, Fee opens wide the doors and windows of her house as Mama said the old year could then easily leave the house. Fee loves the Chinese New Year. On this day, she wears new clothes and goes out with her parents to watch the colourful parades that snake through her town. Fee’s favourite is to watch people dress up as dragons and perform the dragon dance, while others marched along the streets with lanterns in their hand. All homes are decorated with lights, colourful confetti, flowers, and bamboo plants. Fee enjoys helping Mama put up the colourful festoons. Sometimes even Daddy helps. Like always, this year too Fee will have many friends and home. Mama has prepared sweets and special dishes for them. But Fee is m the red envelope that her parents will gift her at night. It’s a lucky charm money for Fee to buy new dolls.

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