The Cat Who Loved Baked Beans

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Marmalade the cat loved baked beans. But she was far too lazy to go to the market and buy them. She planted a bean tree in her garden and plucked the beans every morning. However, one day, she saw that the tree was gone. “Oh no! I have to go all the way to the market now,” lamented Marmalade. “Why do you look so sad.” asked the shopkeeper. “My bean tree is gone,” replied Marmalade, “now I’ll have to visit the market every day.” The shopkeeper knew how lazy Marmalade really was. “Did you water it every day?” he asked. “I never do such hard jobs!” exclaimed Marmalade. “Did you weed her or ever talk to her?” he enquired. “That’s far too .much work,” said Marmalade. “If you don’t look after the tree why should she bother to give you your most loved food?” said the shopkeeper.

That day Marmalade planted another tree in her garden but this time she took good care of it!

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