The Camel, The Jackal and the Crow

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Long ago in the dense forest of botswana, there lived a lion named wils. His loyal servants were a leopard, a jackal and a crow.

One day, the crow spotted a strange creature coming their way. He came flying back to his friends and said, “There is someone unusual coming this way. We should be careful.”

“I am the king of the jungle,” said the lion. Why should I be afraid? Let’s go and meet him.”

When they saw the animal they were all surprised. They had never seen such a creature with long legs and a big hump on its back. “Who is it and what is it doing in my jungle?” asked the Lion.

“I am Todi, the camel,” he said. “I was a part of a trade caravan. I lost my way. Please help me!”

Out of pity, the lion asked him to stay along with them. The other three were not happy, but they had to respect the Lion’s wishes.

Days passed by. One day the lion had a great fight with an elephant. The lion was badly injured and was too weak to hunt.

His servants were too lazy to hunt and provide food for the lion. The jackal took the crow aside and said, “Friend, why don’t we kill the camel and survive.”

“No doubt it’s a great idea, but how? Our lord has assured him protection,” said the crow.

Together they made a secret plan to kill the camel. With tears in their eyes, they went to the lion. “There is no food in the forest my lord,” said the sly crow, “But I request you to have me for your meal.”

“No, your body is too small to satisfy the hunger of my lord,” said the jackal, showing his loyalty. “Let me sacrifice myself. That is the least I can do for my lord.”

The leopard intervened and said “Oh lord, I am bigger in size than my friends. So let me give away my life to save your life.”

All this while the camel was listening silently; he thought “Let me oiler myself as well.” Expecting the support of his friends the camel said, “My friends, you have been serving our lord for years. It will be difficult for the lord to kill one of you. Will you all let me offer myself?”

The camel then came forward and requested the lion to have him for that day’s meal. At once, the jackal and the leopard pounced on the camel and tore him to pieces.


It is wise choose your friends carefully.

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