The Bunny Family

Once upon a time there lived a Papa and Mama Bunny. They had four children-Angora, Harlequin, Lilac and little Rex. Papa Bunny loved working in his vegetable garden and grew all kinds of vegetables. One day, Papa Bunny went home for lunch. Angora hugged him. “Papa, did you bring a cabbage for me?” Papa smiled and nodded and gave her a cabbage with a kiss. Then Harlequin demanded.” Can I have some lettuce?” Papa nodded and gave Harlequin lettuce. Next, Lilac demanded eggplant and Papa gave her eggplant. And little Rex got his radish too. Then Papa Bunny gave Mama Bunny a basket of vegetables. The bunny family happily chomped vegetables. Papa and Mama Bunny looked on contentedly at the little bunnies. Mama said,” Thank God, we have a vegetable garden!”

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