The Brilliant Idea

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Once, a flock of doves were flying together in search of food. Soon, they saw some grains scattered on the ground below. They settled on the ground to pick the grains.

Unfortunately, a hunter had laid a net over the grains and they were trapped. They struggled hard to free themselves but could not. They heard the hunter approaching. Then the leader of the doves commanded them to flap their wings and fly together. Eachdove picked up a part of the net in its beak and flapped its wings and lo! They were up in the sky.

The leader directed the doves towards a particular region. When they reached their destination and descended, the leader called out for his friend and from a hole nearby, out came a mouse. As soon as he saw the doves trapped, he quickly called all his friends and together, all the mice cut the net with their sharp teeth and set the doves free. The doves thanked the mice and flew away.

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