The Brave Tailor

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Once there lived a tailor. One day, he was sewing some new clothes when a bunch of flies started troubling him. He shooed them away, but they still continued to trouble him. The tailor then took a fly swatter and killed seven flies with one swat. “I have killed seven in a single blow!” shouted the tailor.

At this very moment, two ladies were standing outside his shop and talking about a fearsome giant. This giant was killing the people of the kingdom and eating them up. When they heard what the tailor said, the ladies thought that he was very brave and that he had killed seven giants in one blow! They ran to the king and told him about the brave tailor. “Bring him to me!” ordered the king. The tailor tried to explain that he had only killed seven flies but in vain. “Go, kill the giant!” the king ordered the tailor. The poor man had no choice but obey.

The tailor reached the giant’s house. “What a mighty man! I can’t kill him,” he thought. Then the clever tailor had an idea. At night, while the giant was sleeping, he sewed the giant’s mouth together! Now the giant could not eat anything. When he woke up, he begged the tailor to undo the stitches on his mouth. The tailor agreed to do so on one condition and said, “I will reopen your mouth only if you promise not to eat any more men from our kingdom!”

The giant agreed and the tailor undid the stitches. The giant left the kingdom and the tailor got a handsome reward from the king. Everyone lived happily ever after.

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