The Brave Cub

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Once upon a time a lion was walking through the woods with his lioness and their two cubs. All of a sudden, the cubs fell into a trap laid by the hunters. The parents desperately tried to free them. They peered into the trap. It was very dark and deep. They thought that the cubs would never be able to get out of it so they sat outside and consoled the cubs.

But the cubs kept on trying to jump out of the ditch. After some time, one of them got tired and gave up after he heard his mother say how deep the trap was.

Meanwhile, the other cub kept trying hard and finally was able to leap out of the trap and save himself. This little cub was deaf and could not hear his parents’ words of consolation. Instead, all the while he thought that his parents had been encouraging him to jump out and that had spurred him to keep trying hard and finally make his way out of the trap.

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