The Boy Who Became a Stone

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Elonen lived with his grandmother. One day, he was making a bird snare in his courtyard. Suddenly, a small bird appeared and challenged Elonen to catch it. He quickly finished making the snare and ran behind the bird. After a while, he was able to trap the bird and put it inside a large jar.

One day, while Elonen was away, his greedy grandmother ate up the bird. When Elonen returned home and came to know that his bird had died, he was heartbroken. He ran away from the house. On his way, he came across a stone and asked it to eat him up. The stone was magical and did as it was asked to.

Meanwhile, his grandmother started searching for Elonen everywhere.

One day, while walking past the stone, she heard it say, “Your grandson is inside me.” She begged the stone to return her grandson but Elonen remained inside the stone forever.

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