The Blind Man and the Lame Man

Once, a Blind Man was walking along a rough road. He found it very difficult to walk alone as he could not see the bumps and the puddles on the road.

Just then, someone touched the Blind Man’s arm. It was a Lame Man.

The Blind Man introduced himself to the Lame Man and said, “Dear friend, I am facing difficulty walking on the road alone. Will you please guide me and help me complete my journey?”

The Lame Man replied sadly, “I would have readily helped you, my friend, but I am lame and cannot move

even an inch without help. How will I guide you?”

The Lame Man then thought for a moment and said to the Blind Man, “You seem to be strong and healthy. If you carry me on your shoulders, we can both complete our journey. I will guide you as I can see and you can carry me as you have strong legs.”

The Blind Man readily agreed to the solution offered by the Lame Man.

Both men helped each other and completed their journey, safely and with pleasure.

We all can achieve our goals by helping one another in times of need.

6 thoughts on “The Blind Man and the Lame Man

  1. Not so much, but all about stubborness and deeds which hard to do.
    I saw right ideas, but had been confused by carrying someone on the blind man shoulders))

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