The Birds and the Ocean

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n the shores of an Ocean, there lived a pair of Birds. The female Bird was about to have babies. She told her husband, “Please find me a suitable and quiet place, where I can lay my eggs.”

“This is the right place!” he said.

“Oh no!” she replied. “When the tide is high, this place becomes flooded with water!”

“What! Do you think the Ocean would dare do such a thing?” her husband shouted.

So, the poor female had to lay her eggs on the shore. The Ocean carried off the eggs as soon as they were laid.

“Our eggs are gone!” cried the wife.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get them back,” said the husband. Then, the Male Bird, along with the other Birds,
went to the Lord of the Birds. The Male Bird said to him, “Master! We were living peacefully, and the Ocean has made me and my wife very unhappy by taking away
our eggs.”

The Lord of the Birds told Jupiter, the Preserver of the World, all that had happened. Jupiter ordered the
Ocean to return the eggs to the Birds.

The Ocean obeyed Jupiter’s order and returned the eggs.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

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