The Big Wooden Toy Box

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Tom and Rosie had a big wooden toy box. The box had a huge collection of dolls, teddy bears, skipping ropes and dinky cars. Tom and Rosie’s room always looked tidy because the toys were all packed in the big wooden box. However, the toys were very unhappy with this. “We are all stuffed in the dark,” said a dinky car. “I can’t even stretch my legs,” lamented the rag doll. “And my rope is always tangled,” grieved the skipping rope. “Let’s try and push the lid and get out of here,” suggested the teddy bear. They tried hard but could not open the lid. One day, Tom and Rosie’s father was busy sorting out his tools in the garage. “Could we help you, Father?” asked Tom. “Sure. You can tidy up my tool boxes,” said their father. Now Father’s tools were all lying scattered. He had some small boxes but needed a big box. “Could we exchange your big toy box with these boxes?” suggested father. “That’s a great idea,” Tom excitedly. They collected all the boxes and ran into their room. Each toy was placed in a separate box. Tom and Rosie were happy as they could still keep the room tidy and as for the toys, they never had to live in the dark again.

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