The Bicycle

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David longed for a bicycle like his other friends but he knew that his family was poor and they could not afford it.

One morning, while going to school, David saw a boy coming on a bicycle. As the boy turned around a corner he hit an ice-cream cart. Crash! Splash! The boy and the bicycle fell into a dirty ditch. David ran to help the boy. He recognised the boy as the prefect of his school, William. William was badly hurt and would need to see a doctor. Thinking quickly. David picked up the bicycle and rode to the hospital. Soon the ambulance arrived to take William. David rode the bicycle to school inform the school of the accident. Everyone praised David’s quick thinking. William was discharged after two days. He thanked David for his help and to the latter’s joy, William presented him writh a lovely new bicycle on his birthday,  later in the month!

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