The Behaviour Counts

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Once upon a time a flea saw an ox who was grazing in a pasture. He knew that oxen work for men on their farms. But he didn’t like it. He was proud that he fed on men’s blood and yet didn’t do anything for them.

Approaching the ox, the flea said, “How is it that you work for men though you are quite big and strong ? Look at me, I never do anything for them and yet feed on their blood though I am very, very small.”

The ox was surprised to hear what the flea had said. But he replied, “Mr Flea ! If I work for men, they are very kind to me. They feed me, shelter me and look after me in every way. Not only this, they pat me on my back, head and neck too out of love. As for you, you sting them and feed on their blood. But with what result ? They are always up to destroy you.”

As you sow, so shall you reap.

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