The Basket of Mangoes

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Judith was a very untidy girl. “Judith, you must keep your room tidy,” her mother was tired of telling her.

One day, her friend brought a basket of mangoes for her as Judith loved mangoes. Since her room was in a mess as usual, Judith kept the mangoes on a chair.

She returned tired to her room after her evening play. Not finding any empty place to sit, she sat down on the nearest chair. “Squash! Squelch!” She jumped up and gave a cry of shock. She realised that she had sat on the mangoes! Her mother came running to her room on hearing her shout.

To her dismay, she saw that all the mangoes were crushed. “Oh, my favourite dress is spoilt! Mummy, what shall I do?” “That is why I always tell you to keep your room clean,” said Mummy.

From that day, Judith learnt to keep her things in order.

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