The Barren Tree

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David had a huge apple orchard, which bore the finest apples. One day, a neighbour asked David to lend him a tree. David was a kindhearted man. He graciously gave his neighbour a tree and told him to take precious care. The neighbour went home happily. But now he was in a fix. He wondered where he should place the apple tree. He did not want to place the tree in his garden, for he was scared that passersby might rob the delicious fruits. He did not want to plant it near the door either for his children might pick them. After thinking hard he planted the tree behind his house where the sun hardly ever visited. A whole year went by but the tree did not bear any fruit. Slowly the branches drooped and died. The neighbour angrily accused David of giving him a barren tree. David listened carefully to what had happened and then replied, “How do you expect a rich and generous harvest with a greedy and mean heart?”

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