The Ass, the Dog and the Wolf

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nce, there was a Man who lived in the village. He owned an Ass and a Dog. One day, the Man was returning from the town with his two animals. The Ass was carrying many sacks on his back. The Man was walking behind him. The Dog was walking behind the Man. All three were tired and hungry.

After some time, the Man, the Ass and the Dog stopped at a meadow to rest. The MB10an lay down under a tree and fell asleep. The Ass started feeding on the green grass of the meadow.

The Dog said to the Ass, “Friend Ass, please bend down a little. I want to take some food from the bag on your back, for I am very hungry”

The Ass said, “Let our master wake up. He will give you your food.” The poor Dog quietly lay down, too.

Suddenly, a Wolf came to the meadow. He saw the Ass and pounced on him. The

Ass shouted, “Friend Dog, please help me!”

The Dog said to him, “Let our master wake up. Then I will save you.” Soon, the Wolf had killed the Ass and eaten him.

What you do, comes back to you.

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