The Ass and the Charger

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Once, a Soldier had an Ass and a Horse. The Ass was made to do all the hard-work and given little food to eat. The Horse did not do anything but the Soldier gave him good food and cared for him. The Ass did not like this partial behaviour towards him.

One day, the Ass said to the Horse, “Our master takes good care of you and does not make you work. I do all the work and he does not even care for me.”

The Horse replied, “The master is treating me well so that I become strong to go to the war with him.” One day, a war broke out between two countries and the Soldier had to go to fight. The Soldier wore his armour, took his sword and mounted the Horse. Then he took the Horse to the war and rushed into the battlefield, fighting the enemy. The Horse was wounded severely in the battle and died when he reached home.

When the Ass saw the Horse dead, he said to himself, “I feel sorry for the Horse and have realised how lucky I am to be alive!”

Do not be jealous of the conditions of others.

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