The Ant Which Was Mightier Than the Elephant

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There lived an elephant in a forest. It was big and powerful. The elephant was so strong that it could fell the trees. It could also kill lions, tigers and other wild animals. In course of time, due to its big size and great strength, its pride grew bigger and bigger.

One day, the elephant met an ant. Looking at the ant, the elephant laughed, “What a puny creature you are! You look so weak and tiny! I pity you. Look at me. I am the mightiest animal in the forest. I can do anything in this world.”

The ant listened to the elephant and smiled, without saying a word.

Very soon, dark clouds gathered in the sky. It began to drizzle. The elephant and the ant moved into a nearby cave to take shelter there.

The elephant, looking at the tiny ant, laughed again and said, “Look at my size. I can crush you under my foot. You won’t even know how to save yourself.”

Feeling proud of its size and strength, the elephant started dancing in the cave. Due to the thumping of its heavy feet, a big stone lying atop the cave fell in front of the cave, covering its mouth fully.

The elephant walked proudly towards the stone and tried to move it but could not. It tried with all its might, but all in vain. The elephant could not come out of the cave.

However, the ant, due to its tiny size, easily came out of the cave through a small opening. Now it was the ant’s turn to speak?”Look, you elephant! What I could do, you can’t! On account of your mighty size, you will have to remain in this cave for the rest of your life. What you considered to be your strength has proved to be your greatest problem.

The elephant remained locked up inside the cave and died a painful death.


What seems to be a disadvantage at one time proves to be advantageous at another time. Thank God for your odds, for these can prove to be a blessing for you.

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