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The Angler and the Salmon

Once, an Angler was fishing at the riverside. His fishing hook was a very delicate one and was meant to catch small fish only. That day, he kept sitting for many hours but did not catch any fish. H
e thought, `This has not been a good day for me. I have not been able to catch any fish! I should goB6 home now’

Just when he thought of returning home, a large Salmon was hooked to his fishing rod. The Angler ¬†thought, Well, it is a big catch, but of no use! Pulling it out would mean breaking my delicate fishing rod. Oh, what should I do now?’

The Angler did not panic and remained very calm. He then thought, `If I handle my fishing hook with care and patience, I can catch this fish!’ Then the Angler turned around the hook, with great care, and at last pulled out the Salmon.

The Salmon could not free itself from the thin hook for it was very tired. The Angler was very happy about his catch and returned home with the Salmon.

Even in the midst of problems, we can have
success if we act with a calm mind.

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