The Admonitions

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Once a man went to another town to work. After working for some years, he decided to return to his wife and son. Before leaving, his master said, “I will give you two admonitions that will help you—never change your ways, and think before you act.”

The man set out for his hometown. On the way fellow travellers asked, “We are going to take another route, will you come with us?” The man remembered the first admonition and refused to join them. Later, he heard that they were robbed. When he reached home, he was surprised to see his wife dining with a young man. Thinking that his wife had remarried, he wanted to kill them both. But he remembered the second admonition and hid behind the curtains to find out the truth. He heard his wife say to the young man, “Son, let’s pray for your father.”

He realised his mistake and was happily reunited with his family.

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