The Absent-minded Giant

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George was an absent-minded giant. He kept lots of pets but he was so forgetful that he often neglected them. During meals, he would reach for a drink and sip from the goldfish bowl instead. He would push a bread slice between the bars of a cage thinking it was a toast rack. He would flick ash into the poor hamster’s cage. The pets were fed up and decided to teach George a lesson. Next day he picked up his long roll of bread. “Aaargh!” he roared, holding out a horrid, scaly rattlesnake. “Ha! Ha! Ha!” He found his pets laughing at him. He looked around the birdcage and saw it was full of bread; the goldfish had hardly any water; and there was ash all over the hamster. George realised his mistake and hung his head in shame. He promised his pets that he would look after them better.

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