Once there lived an old man who disliked his granddaughter, because his own daughter had died while giving birth to her. The girl was given scraps of food to eat, a dilapidated bed to sleep on, and tattered clothes to wear. People called her “Tattercoats.” Her only friend was a cowherd.

One day, her grandfather was invited to a ball at the king’s palace. Tattercoats was sad that she couldn’t go, so she decided to go visit her friend.

On her way, she met a handsomely dressed man carrying a magic flute. He asked Tatter-coats to attend the ball at midnight. When Tattercoats arrived at the ball, everybody poked fun at her. But the handsome man started playing a wonderful tune on his pipe. Suddenly, Tattercoats’ rags changed into a gorgeous dress with pretty jewels. The man then told the king, “Father, I want to marry this young maiden.” Tatter-coats was surprised to know that he was the prince and agreed to marry him.

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  1. When I read it before on a sheet of paper it was way different then this. And any way this so boring while I was reading it my cosen who is 2 years old fell a sleep I wanted to go to sleep that’s how boring it ia

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