Tale of the Three Fishes

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It was twilight. The sun had hidden itself behind the mountains. In a nearby lake there lived three fishes. Their names were Anang, Pratyam and Yadhva. They lived happily for ages.

One day, some fishermen were passing by the pond. They were happy to see the pond full of fish. One of them said, “Hey, we have never seen this pond before. It seems to be full of fish.” The other one said, “Yes, let us come tomorrow and get a good catch.”

Anang overheard the fishermen and was afraid. “Now we will all be caught!” thought Anang,

“I have to tell my friends about this.” Without wasting time he called a meeting of all the fish and told them the bad news. 9J1-1les, we move out of this pond immediately, we would all be caught”

Almost everybody accepted his suggestion andwere ready to move out of the pond but for Yadhva. “Your plans are useless,” he said. “I am not scared of the fishermen and I am not going to leave this place. Moreover I am very confident that even if they come, I can go deep under the water and dodge their nets.”

Anang tried to convince him saying, “You are taking a wrong decision. I am sure you will repent later.” These words fell on deaf ears.

Pratyam and Anang, with the other fishes swam to the other pond. The next day, the fishermen caught Yadhva.

Yadhva thought sadly, “It is because of my pride that I am in this condition. I should have listened to my friends for they wanted to save me.”


It pays to trust good friends.

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