Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

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One day, Sylvester the donkey spotted a red oval-shaped pebble. He knew that it was a wish fulfilling magic pebble and couldn’t wait to show it to his parents. On the way back home, he saw a lion. Fearing that the lion would eat him up, Sylvester made a wish. “O’ wish I was a rock!” And lo! The next moment he became a hard, solid rock. Now, he was safe but how was he going to become his old self? The pebble lay close by but unless he touched it he could never change back into a donkey. Sylvester’s parents looked everywhere for their son. His mother was heartbroken. Tired after the long search, they sat down right next to Sylvester. Suddenly, his father saw the magic pebble. “What a lovely pebble. Sylvester would have loved it,” he sighed and placed it on the rock. Sylvester quickly wished that he could be himself and the next moment he was!

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