Sunny Day’s Favourite Sounds

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Sunny Day admired the sound of a brook as he flowed over the pebbles. “You make such a wonderful sound, Babbling Brook,” he said. “Thank you, Sunny Day,” replied Babbling Brook continuing on his way.

Sunny Day heard a bee buzzing as it collected honey. How do you make that sound?”

he asked. “I have to flex my muscles and rub my wings to keep my body warm while I work,” replied the bee. “That’s what makes that buzzing sound.”

Sunny Day heard Mocking Bird singing a song. “That’s a lovely sound,” he said. “How do you do it?” “I don’t know,” replied Mocking Bird. “When I have a happy thought I open my mouth and sing.”

Sunny Day heard children laughing. “I love that sound,” he said to one little boy. “How do you do it?” “When I find something funny I laugh. It feels good,” replied the little boy. Sunny Day thought how lucky he was to hear so many wonderful sounds.

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