Straw, Coal and the Bean

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Once an old woman had gathered beans to make food for herself. She lit a fire and put some straw in it. She was about to put the beans in the pan, when one bean jumped out and sat beside a piece of straw, which was left outside. A burning piece of coal also leapt out from the fire and joined them.

They considered themselves lucky to have escaped death and decided to go to a foreign country where they could live safely. They left the house. Soon, they reached a little brook and didn’t know how to cross it. So the straw laid itself across the banks and told the others to use it as a bridge.

No sooner did the coal start crossing, the straw was unable to bear the load and fell into the river along with the coal. But the bean was safe. It had such a hearty laugh that it split into two.

A tailor who was passing by saw the bean and sewed it together with a black thread. That is why beans have a black seam.

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