St. Joseph in the Forest

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Once there lived two sisters. The elder sister was very clever and wicked while the younger one was good and kind at heart.

One morning, the younger sister went to the forest to pick berries. In the evening, she lost her .way and reached a small hut where she met an old man. He was St. Joseph. She made soup for him and gave him more than her share. He then asked her to sleep in the bed while he slept on the floor. But she said that the ground was good enough for her and let him sleep on the bed. In the morning, the girl found a bag of gold kept for her along with a letter saying, ‘This is for the girl who slept on the straw.”

When the elder sister saw the bag she was jealous and wanted to get the gold, so she went to St. Joseph’s hut. She was hungry so made soup but she gave him none and ate it all. At night she refused to sleep on the floor. She bitterly returned home the next morning without any gold.

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