Snow White Fire Red

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“When our first child is born I will build two fountains, one of oil and one of wine,” declared the king. Soon, the queen gave birth to a son and true to his word, the king kept his promise. After seven years, the fountains began to dry up. A witch had been collecting oil from the fountains, drop by drop.

One day, the prince was playing with his friends. He threw a ball and broke the pitcher of oil. The furious witch cursed the prince saying, “You will never marry anyone!” The king begged the witch to take back her curse and at last she said, “You will marry only Snow White Fire Red.”

When the prince was eighteen, he set out looking for Snow White Fire Red. One day, he found a witch standing below the balcony of a big castle. “Snow White Fire Red, lower your hair,” she said. A beautiful girl lowered her long hair and the witch climbed up. When the witch left the next day, the prince stood below the balcony and said, “Snow White Fire Red, lower your hair.” He then climbed up to the balcony. “Who are you?” asked the prince. “I am a princess of the neighbouring state. The wicked witch is keeping me a captive,” said the girl. “Quick! Let’s leave before the witch comes back,” said the prince. He helped the princess climb down. They sat on the waiting horse and galloped away as fast as they could.

His father and mother were very happy to see them. They invited the neighbouring king and queen. The prince and Snow White Fire Red were married in great splendour.

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