Snow White and Rose Red

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Once upon a time there lived two sisters, Snow White and Rose Red. One winter’s day, they opened the door to find a shivering bear! They were frightened, but then feeling sorry for the bear, they let him in. The bear and the sisters became good friends. One day, after the bear had gone, they saw a dwarf in the forest. His beard was caught in a fish’s mouth. Snow White saved him by snipping his beard off. This made the dwarf angry!

Another day, the dwarf’s beard was stuck in a tree trunk and Rose Red snipped off his beard. Again he became very angry! One day, Snow White and Rose Red saw the dwarf hiding a treasure. When he saw them, he ran to beat them with a stick. The bear who saw all this, came charging at him. The dwarf died out of fright. Suddenly, the bear turned into a handsome prince! He had actually been bewitched by the dwarf. He married Snow White and his brother married Rose Red.

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