Sly's Ice Cream

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Sly the Gnome was walking behind Mr. Wisdom, the wise man. “Clink!” A shining one-pound coin fell out of Mr. Wisdom’s pocket and rolled down the street. Sly picked it up and slipped it into his pocket. He knew that was stealing, but then he was a mean gnome. Walking on he found a group of children crowding round a man. “Why are you all so excited?- he asked. One of the children said, “Oh, don’t you know? It’s the ice cream man. Here, try some ice cream.” Sly took a bite. “Umm . . .” He loved the sweet delicious taste. “Can I get some for a pound?” he asked. “You can get a whole box for a pound,” said the children.

Selfish Sly thought, “I will have it for my tea and won’t share it with anyone.” He paid for the box of ice cream with Mr. Wisdom’s coin and happily whistled as he set off for home.

The day was hot. As Sly walked home, the ice cream began to melt. Slowly it started dripping from a corner of the box. He couldn’t understand what was happening. He peered into the box and saw there was no ice cream. In its place was some cold yellow liquid. “Where is my ice cream?” he cried out loud. He thought the ice cream man had cheated I him. can’t eat this,” fie shouted angrily and flung the box away from him. “Splat!” The box land on Mr. Wisdom who was just turning round the corner! “Oho! I’ll teach you some manners, my boy!” said Mr. Wisdom, wiping the ice cream from his face. He grabbed Sly and gave him a good spanking. Crying, Sly ran home promising never to steal again.

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