Skip the Pirate

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One day, Skip the pirate opened a treasure map and said to his helper Pip, I have got a very good piece of news. This is Hippo Island where we will find a buried treasure chest!” Skip and Pip set sail towards Hippo Island As Pip steered the ship, Skip said. “This adventure will make us very rich!” Soon the sea turned rough, clouds thundered and a strong wind swept over the area. The ship was tossed about on the choppy waters and landed with a thud on Hippo Island. “Hurry!- shouted Skip, as Pip took out the shovel to scoop up the earth. “There it is!” shouted Pip pointing to a wooden chest. It was indeed a huge chest. Skip and Pip pulled open the lid excitedly. But when they lifted the lid, out came a huge hippo! Seeing Skip and Pip, the hippo opened its wide mouth. Skip and Pip ran towards the ship and swore never ever to rob again.

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