Silly Willy

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Willy the goose was very, very lazy. He never liked to bend down and tie his shoelaces. He walked about with undone laces. One bright sunny day, Willy decided to go for a walk. He put on his smart new cap and shoes and set off. As usual his shoelaces were untied. At every street corner, someone would call out to him, “Willy! Tie your shoelaces! It’s undone!” But Willy the goose pretended as though he did not hear them. Pulling his cap jauntily over his eyes, he went on walking with undone shoelaces! While walking down the hill, Willy tripped on his shoelaces. Rumble, tumble, splash! Willy landed in the dirty pond at the foot of the hill. Off flew his new cap and down it went in the muddy water. Poor Willy thumped his head against a nearby tree. Picking up his ruined cap, Willy waddled home crying to his mother. “Now, Willy, if you had listened to us, you wouldn’t have hurt yourself!” said Mother. Silly Willy had learnt his lesson. He ties his shoelace every single day, now.

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