Robin Redbreast

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One year the winter was very cold. There was thick snow on the trees.

The poor birds could hardly find anything to eat. All the birds sat together to discuss the problem.

The robin had an idea, “I will go and ask the people who live in those houses to give us some crumbs.” Saying so, he went to one of the houses nearby. A man was working in the garden. The robin went and perched very close to him. The other birds were afraid to go near humans, but the robin was brave. When the man saw the friendly robin he brought him a tray full of crumbs. The robin felt very happy and called all the other birds to eat with it. In this way all through the winter, the robin arranged food for the other birds.

When the winter season was over, in order to thank the robin, all the birds gave him a red waistcoat and since then, he came to be known as Robin Redbreast.

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