Ripple Gets a Necklace

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Ripple the water pixie lived in a pond. She was very pretty and very proud of herself. As Ripple was always showing off, all her friends were fed up with her. -She cuts the water lily leaves to make her dresses and tips my babies off them!” complained the moorhen. “She tied a water beetle and a dragonfly together because the dragonfly wouldn’t give her his wings to make a dress,” said the water vole

One day, Bufo, a toad, invited everyone to a party. Ripple started planning what she -.;.-ould wear. She wanted to look me prettiest at the party. She cut up five lily leaves. The lilies were upset as the leaves were new. She took some ribbon for her hair from a waterweed. “Next,” she said to herself, “I will make myself a necklace out of some snail shells.” “No, you won’t,” cried the snails and they hid themselves. Ripple looked around for something to make her necklace. She spied long jelly-like strands set with little black beads on the water plants. “Perfect,” she said and placed the toad spawn around her neck in six rows.

The next day at the party, all the others laughed at her. Ripple wondered why and then she felt something tickling her. The toad spawn necklace had hatched and all the tadpoles were wriggling down her neck! There were dozens of them. Bufo was furious because the toad spawn necklace was made out of her eggs. Ripple ran away in shame and was never vain again.

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