Rip Van Winkle was a lazy man. He would often go off into the forest with his dog, Wolf, to hunt for squirrels. One day, Rip helped a strange old man carry a barrel to a clearing where several others were playing a game. Rip had some of the pink water from the barrel along with his companions. Soon he fell sleep. When he awoke he was alone. Rip looked for his gun. To his surprise it was covered in rust! Feeling confused and hungry, Rip headed for his village. People gathered around him staring at his tattered clothes and long grey beard. Rip saw a young woman who looked like his wife and asked her who she was. She told him her name and said her father had left the house twenty years ago with his dog and never been seen again. “I am your father,” cried Rip joyfully and told them all how he had been asleep for the last twenty years!

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