Respect the Wisdom of Elders

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Once there was a bull. He had a strong hefty body—so much so that he had to struggle a lot to get through the door of the cow-shed where he used to stay.

It was beyond the bull’s control to mend matters. His body was indeed huge and bulky. The cows of the shed daily saw him struggling to force himself through door and smiled.

One day a young calf happened to come that way. At that time, the bull was struggling to force himself inside the shed. The calf saw him do so and couldn’t control himself. He said, “If you step aside for a moment, I’ll show you how to get in.”

The bull was amused to hear the words of the young calf and said, “I knew the way even before you were born.”

The young calf had no words to say. He realized his folly and said to himself, “I mustn’t have advised the bull who is far older than I.”

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